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  • Magento 2 Resource Models, A better way to save.

    Magento 2 Resource Models, A better way to save.

    If you develop in Magento 2 you likely noticed that the save() functionality on most core Models is now deprecated. If you look at the deprecated notice you’ll see that it says: 100.1.0 because entities must not be responsible for their own persistence. Service contracts should persist in entities. Use resource model “save” to implement…

  • Magento 2 Developer Tools

    Magento 2 Developer Tools

    Developing for Magento 2 and LAMP in 2020 can feel… lackluster when compared to some of the newer JS stacks (think JAMStack and MEAN). That doesn’t mean that Magento 2 developers are left in the dust. In this post, I’m going to highlight some of the tools I use in my daily life when working…

  • Integrating React.js into Magento 1

    Integrating React.js into Magento 1

    You’re probably wondering why I’m making a tutorial for Magento 1. Well, since my last few post I began working at a company who’s shopping cart is still based on M1. I do miss working on M2 but the fact is that people still use M1 because it’s still supported. Not only that but it’s…