Working at an Agency

I recently started working at Indaba Group, an Award-Winning e-commerce agency based in Denver, CO.

I’ve worked at development agencies before but I’ve never been apart of a team like the team at Indaba. The word Indaba itself more or less means to meet and collaborate. We hold true to that in the office and online. Everyone has the customer, the team, and the businesses best interests at heart when working.

The office environment has a strong family vibe. Whether it’s through meditation, providing food and coffee or having meetings that we can openly voice our concerns, our Director of People makes sure that we’re all at our peak mentally. This leads to a team that’s happy to help each other and works hard to push projects past the finish line.

As a lead developer, I can’t say enough about working relationships. Project managers are sure to consult about each task to get realistic estimates and provide the customer with realistic completion dates rather than rushing tasks or work because a customer was promised a specific date. In addition to that, developers are allowed to come up with their own solutions to problems and weigh in when there could be a better or more future proof solution for the customer. This is evident in the work we put out being some of the top sites in e-commerce.

If you’re a development agency that can’t keep developers or has a high customer turnover rate, do whatever you can to replicate the work environment here. Often times agencies are overly concerned with costs but don’t consider the cost that goes into hiring cheap developers and having to redo tasks repeatedly because they code developed is hacked together hot garbage. Quality work starts with employee enthusiasm and confidence in the company they work for.

At Indaba, the enthusiasm and confidence never end.

You can learn more about Indaba here